Lego 60143 – Auto Transport Heist

The Auto Transport Heist is a 2017 Police Set with around four hundred pieces and perhaps one of the most interesting in this new wave of sets. The purpose of this entire scenario is to get again the stolen money, by the thieves, but there is definitely a lot more that can be done.

This new set features, as you can see through the pictures, a Auto Transporter truck, a nice convertible, a police car, a red sidecar, a small island with a barrier and four mini-figures with assorted accessories:  a couple of thieves with unusual suites and two officers, one for the truck and another to the pursuit

The transporter is absolutely Continue reading

Lego 60142 – Money Transporter

The Money Transporter is a new Police set with around hundred and fifty pieces that features a nice Police Vehicle with plenty of stuff to enjoy, two mini-figures (a police officer and a robber) and a few additional accessories such as a couple of safes , a red cart , and some money and jewels.

I like this truck! With cubic shapes, typical of these vehicles, it looks rather sturdy and with lots of space to do the job. The cab looks quite compact, with no doors, and shows the essential: the steering wheel and a seat for the

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Lego 60027 – Monster Truck Transporter

The Monster Truck Transporter is a new city set that will be available next summer. And I’m must say that according to the first pictures it looks very nice. The truck although remembering the toysrus truck or the yellow city truck (3221), has a new design namely the entire engine hood pieces.

Besides the truck and its long trailer, the set has also the great monster truck (welcome back!!), three mini-figures (despite they have similar uniforms we can easily see that there is a pilot, a truck’s driver and a mechanic), a big airborne ramp and a bunch of black tools for the mechanics.

The monster truck is definitely the company’s star and it is pretty well accurate. Continue reading