Lego City Summer Sets – The First Pictures at Nuremberg Toy Fair

2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair, in Germany, has just started and with it a lot of information about new Lego set is gradually surfing in the Internet, particularly, my Favorite Lego theme, City, that immediately caught my attention, with some awesome news to show.

Promobricks has done a great photo report where is possible to see the return of the Cost Guard subtheme (that includes among other a coast guard Headquarters and a Sea rescue Plane), the Jungle Family (with lots of heavy vehicles and the Jungle Exploration Site as the head set), the new Bus Station, the Fun at beach, a set with plenty of mini-figures just like the Fun in the Park (60314), and finally for now the new Cargo  That’s definitely a lot to enjoy! Have a look at Continue reading

New York Toy Fair – It’s Time for Ninjago and Super Heroes

Ninjago and Super Heroes have also presented some great news, once again in the 2014 New York Toy Fair. Marvel among other brought the new Knowhere Escape Mission (76020) and the X-Man vs. The Sentinel (76022), which I must say, at the first glance didn’t convince me much.

On the other hand Ninjago (via Toyark) presented Battle for Ninjago city (70728), an awesome palace with more than a thousand pieces filled with pretty nice details and the X-1 Ninja Charger (70727), an impressive red car with a hidden bike below the big hood. The vehicle seems to have plenty of nice details and the bike, according to the set box, seem to be triggered just as the hood is opened....Continue Reading...

Toy Fair in New York – Continuing With Lord of the Rings and Galaxy Squad

The Lord of the Rings presented the fans with only four new sets and despite of all the beauty and features of the four, the big pirate ship ambush overshadows the other three. With almost eight hundred pieces and nine mini-figures it surely deserved to be watched carefully below, in the gallery. And I admit, maybe I’m being a bit unfair with the Black Gate because it has almost the same size and the fortress is really impressive.

Looking at the Galaxy Squad, basically is the continuation of strange insectoids and big detailed space machines. Their color combination, not only from the vehicles but also from the big mosquitos is basically the same and in terms of new sets, the Galactic Titan, with more than one thousand stands out from the rest.

Meanwhile, have a look at some pictures Continue reading

Toy Fair – It’s time for Legends of Chima and Hero Factory

Legends of Chima brought to Toy Fair not only all the sets of the Summer Wave but also the most part that were already known and that will soon be on stores. As it concerns of news, there is the introduction of three new tribes and at least a couple of big new sets, namely the Worriz Combat Lair which besides the big ground Vehicle has also a sort of helicopter and the big Lion chi Temple, that I’ve already talked about here, with almost one thousand and three hundred pieces.

Looking at the Hero Factory, well I’m not the biggest fan, very far away from that but I must agree with one thing, the presentation and creation of new monster is really awesome with more fifteen new sets.

Have a look, in the gallery, to some pictures ...Continue Reading...

Toy Fair 2013 in New York – The Best of City and Star Wars

These two themes were also quite well represented, especially Star Wars. I guess that there was a big expectation about this one most of all because there was a considerable number of summer sets that weren’t captured yet, namely for instance the big Republic Gunship or even the eight hundred pieces AT-TE.

The city theme is always pleasant to look at, in my opinion. The bunch of sets brought to the event we’re not particularly new, all of them had already been seen in the internet, however I guess that some of them had not shown yet the retail set box, which is always helpful because it helps to clarify a bunch of features and details.

Meanwhile, have a look at some pictures  Continue reading