Lego 60071 – Hovercraft Arrest

The Hovercraft Arrest is a new 2015 city that makes part of the new Swamp Police sub theme. With exactly three hundred and thirty one pieces it features a really nice Police Hovercraft, a tree house, an off road van and three mini-figures: a couple of robbers and a Swamp Police officer.

I think that is almost unanimous that the hovercraft assumes all the leadership in the set. It is bigger, it looks beautiful, all the major parts are very well designed and it definitely has some nice elements to play with. First of the entire inflatable basis, built with many small curved bricks, is quite well recreated giving all the look of being filled with air.The cockpit seems Continue reading

Lego 60070 – Water Plane Chase

The Water Plane Chase is another Police Swamp set that has recently been unveiled. With a little less than three hundred pieces, it shows a really nice water plane, a red truck, two mini-figures (a police officer and a thief), a small hiding for the stolen money and, as usual, some accessories for the two guys.

Having a look at the plane, it looks pretty cool. It’s not too big but it seems quite sturdy and with some nice details from which I would highlight the yellow floaters that allow it to land on water or for instance the big engine, at the front, with a propeller that rotates vigorously. The cockpit in the middle brings more than enough space for the pilot and can be easily accessed just by removing the windshield together with the blue roof.The wings look pretty balanced in Continue reading

Lego 60065 – ATV Patrol

The ATV Patrol is an entry set of the new City Swamp Police sub-theme. This small set brings only fifty nice pieces which is enough to build the Police ATV, two mini-figures (a Swamp Police officer and a thief) and an island with a red snake, covered with bushes to once again store the stolen money.

This isn’t properly a must in terms of innovation, however I think that it looks a good opportunity to get some figures and an additional police vehicle for a friendly price. The ATV is similar to many other city vehicles, but there are always some new details to enjoy.

In addition to the usual Continue reading