Lego 31066 – Space Shuttle Explorer

Here is another new great Creator set! The new Space Shuttle Explorer is a 3in1 box with exactly two hundred and eighty five pieces that features a reasonably detailed space shuttle with some nice elements to enjoy and a single astronaut with accessories. The other two building options are a small space station and a lunar vehicle

Considering the main option, I think that the shuttle looks absolutely fantastic. The traditional shapes are all there, the color scheme is also respected and best of all, it is all built with small pieces, which is excellent in terms of building experience.Lego-31066-Space-Shuttle-Explorer-creator

The cockpit isn’t very big but seems Continue reading

Lego 60078 – Utility Shuttle

The Utility Shuttle is a new Space set that will start retailing next summer, during the second wave of sets in 2015. It brings only hundred and fifty five pieces and features two interesting astronauts with really nice suits, a small satellite and of course the shuttle which being simple in terms of playability is on the other hand, pretty nice in terms of design.

This City Space Shuttle model isn’t properly new, I can remember for instance the 2011 set, 3367, however I think that this one is probably one of the smallest creations of this model that Lego has ever made.

The cockpit has a really long and traditional nose Continue reading

Lego City 3367 – Space Shuttle

This space shuttle above everything is very realistic. Its design and some exterior details are definitely very good. The cockpit, the powerful engines, the big rear wings flaps and the slopping down position are the most visible aspects. Unfortunately, this set has only one mini-figure. I guess a second pilot would fit perfectly (not only in terms of playability but also according to the set’s price).

However, the interior could be better. Starting by the cockpit, it could be bigger in order to have a second pilot (many previous sets have it), and it could have more instruments, specially one or two piloting commands. Of course, the good old one red cup had to be present. I wonder what happens to the liquid in the space… In terms of playability the cockpit can be accessed removing the single front piece. Continue reading

A Space Shuttle made of Lego flew to Space

Lego has no limits, check this one: a Romanian Physicist, Raul Oaida and Steve Sammartino have decided to launch a space shuttle built with Lego Pieces, to space. In order to capture all the details, they have engaged a video camera. The launch took place on the last 31st of December.

The ship flew until thirty five kilometers of altitude and filmed the earth up from the skies. To do that experience, they had to get aerial traffic permission in Germany, the only country that was willing to accept it.

Lego Space Shuttle

The shuttle was recovered, after the flight, at a distance more than two hundred and forty kilometers from the place that it had been launched, through a GPS, in a remote area. Continue reading