Lego Batman Movie Mini-figures – Series 2 Revealed

Lego has just unveiled on Facebook, the official pictures of the second series of collectable mini-figures from the Lego Batman Movie. In a total of twenty, they are surely awesome and a good reason to start saving some money for January.

Alfred looks really cute on both version as well as the tropical Joker but my favorites for now are the Doctor Phosphorus, Black Vulcan and Alex Sartorious. The entire collection will be available in the beginning of the year and each character should retail around the 3,99 bucks.

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Lego Series 2 The Simpsons Collectable Mini-Figures – The first rumored list

A rumored list with the new series 2 of the Simpsons collectable Mini-figures has been circulating in the internet, provided by a Czech retailer and once again published on Eurobricks. Together with a possible Kwik E-Mart set (71016), these are definitely great news for 2015 for the Simpsons’ theme.

I’m not one of the most enthusiastic fans of this animated sitcom so there are some characters from which I’m not so familiar, but I’m quite sure that some of you will be truly delighted with this list that, as always for now, should be treated only as a rumor. There are no released dates or price details, but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear some more about it!

Have a look it:

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