Series 17 of Collectable Mini-figures – Official Pictures

The official pictures of the new seventeenth series of Lego collectable mini-figures have been revealed, showing the fifteen new characters that will make part of the list, as well as the mystery guy, a mini-figure that for now is only a shadow with the shapes of the a Navy’s officer.

The names were also unveiled and include: the Hot Dog Man, the Gourmet Chef, the Connoisseur, the Rocket Boy, the Retro Spaceman, the Battle Dwarf, the Veterinarian, the Circus Strong Man, the Corn Cob Guy, the Elf Girl, the Roman Gladiator, the Professional Surfer, the Dance Instructor, the Butterfly Girl and the Yuppie.series-17-collectable-minifigures

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Series 17 of Collectable Mini-Figures Unveiled  

Among the bunch of this week end’s news, the new Series 17 of Collectable mini-figures has been unveiled showing sixteen new Characters that will be available later this year.  And there are definitely a few guys that are already on my wish list.

The list is composed by: Surfer Boy, Gourmet Chef, Hot Dog Vendor, Elf Maiden, Circus Strongman, Yuppie, Veterinarian, Highwayman (presumably the shadow on the right), Connoisseur, Butterfly Girl, Roman Gladiator, Corn Cob Guy, Retro Space Hero, Dance Instructor, Battle Dwarf and finally the Rocket Boy.series-17-collectable-mini-figures

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