Lego 60164 – Sea Rescue Plane

The Sea Rescue Plane is a new Coast Guard set that will be available on stores next June. With only hundred and forty one pieces, this small set provides a sea plane with the traditional coast guard color scheme, a rescue jet ski, a yellow inflatable buoy and three mini-figures (a couple of coast guard officers and the shipwrecked),

In the first look, I must say that I’m quite impressed that such a small piece count is enough to build all these elements. The plane looks reasonably big and in addition the buoy and the jetski aren’t very small

The focus goes Continue reading

Lego City 3178 – Seaplane

This is a small but interesting yellow seaplane. Hundred pieces, one mini-figures and a couple of accessories compose the set. It’s not an alternative to bigger sets like the 3182 airport or the 3181 Plane but is an added value to any kind of harbor because, for instance, many cargo trucks can deliver goods or mail directly to this plane.

The cockpit is quite simple with a single piece of instruments, but it has a wide windshield witch allows the pilot to have a complete view practically of every angle. Unfortunately, it has no doors but the roof is easily removed to give a better access to the cabin. I must say that the plane’s nose is quite aerodynamic and has a very attractive design. Continue reading