Lego 60130 – Prison Island

The Prison Island is a new 2016 City Set and at the same time the master piece of the Police subtheme for next year. It has exactly seven hundred and fifty four pieces that features an endless number of great things to enjoy!

Besides the prison that is built up on an island with plenty of relief cuts that includes a small harbor and an heliport at the corner, it shows also a high speed police boat, a smaller boat for the crocks, a police helicopter, a balloon, eight mini-figures (three police officers, the heli’s pilot and four robbers), and plenty of useful accessories that include money, handcuffs, weapons and even a green shark, among others.Lego-60130-Prison-Island-city

With lots of grey bricks in the lower levels, five different areas Continue reading

Lego City 7744 – Police Headquarters

The Police Headquarters is one of the most interesting and exciting sets in the city theme. It is perhaps even better than the newest 7498, Police Station. At least it is surely bigger because it has almost one thousand pieces. Besides the huge building, the set has also two police vehicles, a motorbike, five police officers and two prisoners.

The first feature that stands, in my opinion, is the closed courtyard. It has plenty of space not only for extra police vehicles but it also gives a sensation of security and authority that this structure must have. But obviously my favorite part is the fact that there is available space  to park other vehicles. And the courtyard is not the only place because below the jails there is room for more. Personally in those places I usually part the motorbikes and the ATV.The building is quite wide (one and a half road plate size) and tall (three floors). Looking at the left, the ground floor is an empty space that can be used to park extra vehicles, as I said before. Continue reading