Lego 60139 – Mobile Command Center

The Mobile Command Center is a new city set that shortly (probably in January) will be available on Retail. It’s not properly a new set in terms of idea but it’s definitely an interesting upgrade of the 2014 model, the Mobile Police unit (60044).

This new set has three hundred and seventy five pieces (exactly one less than the previous model) and features the Command Center (a huge truck with a trailer filled with plenty of nice features to enjoy), a small motorcycle, a red ATV, a dog and four mini-figures (three police officers and a thief) with a few accessories that include money, a couple of walkie-talkies and two blue

The truck Continue reading

Lego 7743 – Police command Center

This Lego 7743 – Lego mobile station is a very cool set. It has 4 mini figures – three officers and a thief – , and  besides the police station, the set is composed by a cab , a 4X4 moto and a building. The building has two floors with almost all the requirements of a small police station. In the roof we can find a surveillance camera and a parabolic antenna.  This module is quite interesting in a town’s entrance where it can make the roll of a frontier. The gate and the lights are excellent for that.

The trailer is the main station. The central unit is in the middle of the truck witch has two computers, maps and a few supports for lights and handcuffs and can be accessed through two doors, left or right. I prefer the left one because the right one has the map’s sticks (witch are not favorites anyway…). Continue reading