Lego 70746 – Condrai Copter Attack

The Condrai Copter Attack is a 2015 Ninjago set with a bit more than three hundred pieces that presents a really nice helicopter with lots of different colors and features, three mini-figures (Skylar with a yellow suit and a couple of Anacondrai soldiers) and a small flying board for Skylar.

This copter is, in my opinion, one of the most enthusiastic vehicles of this new wave. All its parts have something interesting to show which makes this set really attractive not only in terms of beauty but also if we look at its playability capacities.

The snake’s head is perfectly sculpted Continue reading

Lego Ninjago in 2014

As you probably remember, last year Ninjago, according to rumors, was planned to end and be replaced by Galaxy Squad which wasn’t definitely well received by the fan (especially the change). Gladly, that was only a rumor – a few sites mentioned that it was not planned – but the truth is that no further information was advanced about that.

This year, there was only a single wave of set releases, in the beginning of the year, what increased the probability of that rumor was truth. However, the Hungarian site, Kockamania, ,and to the joy of the fans, not only mention that Ninjago will be on stores next year but most of all they advance a possible set list. The names might not be the real ones but the range of the set numbers is considerably consistent in order to consider it more than a rumor.

Have a look at a possible set list: Continue reading

New Lego City and Ninjago Battle Packs

Three new battle packs (one from Ninjago and two from city) were seen recently on stores, constituting an alternative (and rather expensive!) way of getting additional or new mini-figures as well as its tools or accessories. Fifteen dollars is what they cost (each one, of course) and all of them bring four mini-figures.

The Ninjago pack (850632) has exactly thirty six pieces and the mini-figures are a Stone Warrior and a Scout, and two Ninjas, more exactly, Jay ZX and Zane ZX. Besides them, there is also a small platform to store their weapons.The City packs are two, one from the Police Continue reading

Lego 9442 Ninjago – Jay’s Storm Fighter

The Jay’s Storm fighter is a nice blue Jet and probably one of the greatest of Ninjago theme. The set has about two hundred and forty pieces, two nicely detailed mini-figures (that are Jay XZ and Snappa) which are not the easiest to find, a small shrine and of course the main attraction that is the Storm Fighter.

In terms of design the jet looks exactly like a fighter plain only with a few extra features which by the way are excellent. In terms of building, I must say that the structure is a bit strange in the beginning especially when the four swords. But at the end everything will be in position and with an excellent playability.The main feature of this jet is obviously the two possible positions Continue reading

Lego Ninjago 2013 – Additional Great Pictures and Details

A bunch of new pictures and great details of almost all the new Ninjago sets are now becoming available in the internet. If you’re a big fan of the theme you will get extra information about all the main machines or buildings and surely some great nice details about their mini-figures which includes not only the torsos but also all the great printings on the legs and helmets.

Kai’s fire Mach, the cole’s Earth Driller, the Golden Dragon, the Garmatron or the Temple of Lights among others surely will not make the life easy to the fans because the new features are really great. And rumors a few weeks ago were saying that Ninjago was going to end next year’s first halt?

Personally I don’t think so, Continue reading