Angry Birds will join Lego in 2016

Lego and Rovio have officially announced that Angry Birds will be a new Lego theme next year. Personally, I can’t say that I’m truly excited with it, definitely it’s not my concepts in term of Lego, but I’ve no doubts that it will be a success among the fans.

The theme is expected to hit stores in 2016 spring and will certainly bring all the fun and playability that is widely recognized in the popular video Game. There is no word for now about a potential set list or even some additional details.Have a look on Rovio and Lego Continue reading

New Microsites available at Lego’s Homepage

Looks like Lego has added some new theme sites about some of the next summer releases. In fact, at least, a couple of them are up and progressively will have all the topics available. By the first impressions, I would say that the sites are very good, with plenty of nice features.

Lord of the Rings and the Monster Fighters are two that are currently online. The first one doesn’t have much thing at the moment, besides the big picture of Frodo with the rings, it has at the moment a single but extensive list (with a nice description) of all the main mini-figures that are present in the fellowship theme.The Monster Fight, although only a couple of things are accessible, reveals what kind of structure and pictures it will supposedly have. Continue reading