Lego 10264 – Corner Garage

What a nice surprise, the next modular building has just been revealed! The new Creator Corner Garage brings two thousand, five hundred and sixty nice pieces and brings a big bunch of nice stuff to enjoy that goes beyond a simple corner garage.

The building is constituted by four different levels that includes,  besides the garage , an animal clinic , a fully equipped apartment and a nice rooftop terrace. The set includes also a vintage gas station, an old tow truck, and six mini-figures (gas station owner, mechanic, vet, woman, man and a girl) with assorted accessories.

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Lego 10260 – Downtown Dinner

What a nice surprise! Lego has just revealed the next Creator Expert modular building: the Downtown Dinner! This huge masterpiece is once again considerably big, around two thousand and five hundred pieces, featuring besides the 50s-style building, a pretty pink convertible and six mini-figures (a chef, a waitress, a boxer, a rock star, a manager and a bodybuilder).

With three different levels, it includes a nice dinner room in the first floor with a lot of awesome details such as a jukebox, some dinner tables, red bar stools and even an open-plan-kitchen. Above, in the first floor we can find a gym with a boxing ring and lots of training accessories. On top, it is possible to find a recording studio with a mixing table, a cabinet and many more features to enjoy!

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Lego 10251 – Brick Bank

The new Creator modular set has been revealed this weekend. The Brick Bank holds the expert stamp and features exactly two thousand and three hundred and eighty pieces that besides the corner building (the first one since the Palace Cinema!) will feature five new mini-figures (a bank manager, secretary, teller, and a mom and child ) with plenty of nice accessories.

It’s hard to describe a new modular building without mentioning the generic usual stuff: it’s awesome, pretty nice detailed on every part, and it’s surely a single experience in terms of building tasks. But this time it has more than this, the building has a unique and sober design, perfect for a big bank, it is possible to Continue reading

Lego 10197 Modular Building – Fire Brigade

What a tremendous set, worthy to belong to any kind of town or village, no matter how many fire vehicles or hospitals or firemen headquarters exist. This is simply a must that deserves all the effort. With more than two thousand and two hundred pieces (!!), it has a fire headquarters typical of the first half of the last century, a fire vehicle where the beauty is proportional to its age and four mini-figures (three firemen and a civilian).

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