Lego 70010 – The Lion Chi Temple

The Lion chi Temple is one of the Legends of Chima second wave’s sets and perhaps one of the more impressive. The exactly number of pieces is not known yet but according to the average price per piece of the first wave and the estimated price of hundred pounds, I would say that this set will have something around the eight or nine hundred pieces.

The set, besides the big Temple will have seven mini-figures (which will be Lagravis, Laval and Longtooth from the Lion Tribe, Ewald from the eagles, Cragger and Crawley from the Crocodiles and finally Razar from the Raven tribe), and according to the pictures two small vehicles (that are place just in the front of the temple) and a small jet for Ewald.

Four tribes, together, on one fantastic set will surely bring a lot of action, Continue reading