Lego 10230 – Mini Modulars

Mini Modulars has been released last year and recreates smaller scale models of some nice building sets: The Cafe Corner (Lego 10182), the market street (10190), the Grand Emporium (10211) , the Green Grocer (10185) and the fire brigade (10197) These five models are here built among a total of almost a thousand and four hundred pieces.

In terms of playability, after built, there isn’t much to talk about, they are the right structures to add to a city and that’s it. But if we talk about building them, the picture changes dramatically for better. All building come assembled in different bags in order to not to be confused. It’s is a good idea every time but in this case is essential because , I would say about ninety per cent of the pieces are very small.

The other funny thing is Continue reading

Lego City 8402 – Sports Car

In a time when the news and rumors calmed down a bit, lets have a look at this nice and stylish convertible of 2009. Being a ten dollars set it is very easy and fast to build because it his quite small with less than seventy pieces. Besides the single mini-figure, it has also a nice orange phone booth, which is quite rare and an old style green tree.

The red Sports Car has a chassis made of a single piece, common is the vehicles of this size. When building it, the wheel arches look big but the final result is smooth. The cab has a decent blue seat for the driver but unfortunately it has no side doors. Looking at the car’s structure it was easy to add them with safety, but it is a detail that I appreciate is city vehicles.Obviously there is no roof in this vehicle, but its usual piece is present, being this time at the engine’s hood. Continue reading

Lego Friends 3932 – Andrea’s Stage

Andrea’s Stage is one of the best 2012 entry sets of the friends’ theme. For less than ten dollars you get plenty of fun and animation in almost ninety pieces. The set has one mini-doll, Andrea, a nice and detailed piano, a small stage with a microphone and a wide entrance made with an arch and two nice side curtains. It’s amazing the quantity of nice details in such a small set.

The black piano is definitely a must. Not only its feet but the entire body is surely well done. The keyboard is made with 2×1 pieces mostly used in the truck’s grills (very similar…) and on both edges there is room for a crystal glass and a microphone holder. The seat is also typical of these occasions and I must say that the color combination was well chosen.The stage’s entrance is made with some arch’s pieces and just behind it there are two red curtains made with symmetric pieces. Continue reading

Lego City 3366 – Satellite Launch Pad

The Satellite Launch Pad is a 2011’s set. It has a Lunar Van to carry a computer, a crew mini-figure, a small satellite and a rocket with a launcher. This set has plenty of playability potential because not only can combine with other space sets but also because the van interacts very well with other city sets.

The Van is not very big and has an ordinary structure with the particularity of the cabin has access to the rear part. The roof can be easily removed has as an unusual support: a common fitting yellow piece causes that the roof don’t fall. Besides that, it has the usual, a seat, a wheel and two red doors. Continue reading

Lego City 7992 – Container Stacker

The Container Stacker is a nice but different city set. For an average fan it is not a priority, in my opinion, but for those who have a city harbor or some cargo trucks, or even the cargo train with containers. With one mini-figure (a typical worker) and more than two hundred pieces this is surely a good addition to a cargo theme.

The two containers present in the set, don’t have much to cheat. One is red and has straight pieces in every side, the other, gray, is opened not only on its sides, but also in the top. Here there is a black winch to be pulled by the Stacker. Both are simple and easy to build and have same stickers which personally I don’t like.The stacker is different from the traditional builds in this theme. Continue reading