The Best of Lisbon Lego Fan Event

As a sort of resume or best of, let me show a small gallery with some of the outstanding buildings that were presented in this year’s Lego Fan in Lisbon. Once again, my apologies for the pictures’ bad resolution, which were token with my phone, due to some critical problems with the digital camera.

In terms of regular sets, it was possible to have a look to Star Wars, from which unfortunately I didn’t take photos, there were a few of Movie sets just in front of modular buildings as well as plenty of small city sets spread all around the exposition. On the other hand I especially enjoyed seeing Monster Fighters with a mix between regular sets and some really nice Moc’s.

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The Cologne Cathedral at 2014 Lisbon Lego Fan Event

The Lisbon Lego Fun Event has begun last April 25th and definitely this year its masterpiece is the big big big Cologne Cathedral, an awesome building with almost one million (!!) pieces and around three meters tall.

I’ve been there but, unfortunately, had some serious issues with my photo camera so I had no alternative but tacking some shots with my cell phone.  This Cologne Cathedral model is not properly new, however it’s the first time that I see it alive and all those thousands of small details are really impressive.

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