Legends of Chima Ultrabuilds

I don’t know anyone that likes this type of Lego and when I talk about these new Legends of Chima Ultrabuilds, I also include all the Hero Factory and everything else similar. However I must agree that these types of sets surely have their market otherwise they wouldn’t even have been planned by Lego.

For those who are really true fans of these guys have a look at this new wave of sets that include Ultrabuilds of almost all the themes with special relevance for the Gorzan (70202) which belongs to the Gorillas that is a tribe that hasn’t appeared on the regular sets.Please have a look at the new guys: Continue reading

Lego 70014 – The Croc Swamp Hideout

Here is one of the biggest Legend of Chima sets that will be release in the Lego’s summer wave. The Croc Swamp Hideout will have six hundred and forty seven pieces that will allow building the Croc headquarters, a swamp hovercraft for the lions and five great mini-figures that will be Cragger, Crug and Crominus from the Crocodiles tribe and Leonidas and Lennox from the Lions.

Having a look at the super detailed set box image, which I must say I never get tired of watching, we can see that the Crocs have messed once again and kidnapped Leonidas. The idea is obviously to save him, with the help of Lennox, from the crocs and release him from the suspended jail.

Gladly, this is the second tribe to have a nice and big headquarters after the Lions,  Continue reading

Toy Fair – It’s time for Legends of Chima and Hero Factory

Legends of Chima brought to Toy Fair not only all the sets of the Summer Wave but also the most part that were already known and that will soon be on stores. As it concerns of news, there is the introduction of three new tribes and at least a couple of big new sets, namely the Worriz Combat Lair which besides the big ground Vehicle has also a sort of helicopter and the big Lion chi Temple, that I’ve already talked about here, with almost one thousand and three hundred pieces.

Looking at the Hero Factory, well I’m not the biggest fan, very far away from that but I must agree with one thing, the presentation and creation of new monster is really awesome with more fifteen new sets.

Have a look, in the gallery, to some pictures ...Continue Reading...

Have a look at some new Legends of Chima’s Mini-figures

The first wave of Chima’s sets brought us several new mini-figures of different tribes such as the Lions, the Crocodiles, Eagles and even the Wolves. That was surely a respectable list of great additions but as you possible know, a few more tribes were reserved or planned for the summer wave of new sets.

Below, in the couple of pictures you can have a clear look about two new tribes: the Foxes and the Gorillas. Unfortunately there are a few more tribes that still missing and those are the Rhinoceroses, the Bears and the Skunks. Some of them are probably in the picture but from this angle is impossible to be sure.Starting by the foxes, you can see three of them and they surely look rather detailed. Continue reading

Lego 70010 – The Lion Chi Temple

The Lion chi Temple is one of the Legends of Chima second wave’s sets and perhaps one of the more impressive. The exactly number of pieces is not known yet but according to the average price per piece of the first wave and the estimated price of hundred pounds, I would say that this set will have something around the eight or nine hundred pieces.

The set, besides the big Temple will have seven mini-figures (which will be Lagravis, Laval and Longtooth from the Lion Tribe, Ewald from the eagles, Cragger and Crawley from the Crocodiles and finally Razar from the Raven tribe), and according to the pictures two small vehicles (that are place just in the front of the temple) and a small jet for Ewald.

Four tribes, together, on one fantastic set will surely bring a lot of action, Continue reading