Lego 70638 – Katana V11

The Katana V11 is a new Ninjago set with around two hundred and fifty pieces that has just hit stores. And it’s not bad at all, especially for those who now get in touch with this theme or planning to add smaller elements to bigger sets.

The set features, as you can see, a high speed boat, predominantly red, a black motorcycle and two characters, Kai and Luke Cunningham with some nice assorted weapons (at least three Katanas for the guys).

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Lego 70591 – Kryptarium Prison Breakout

The Kryptarium Prison Breakout is a new Ninjago set with exactly two hundred and seven pieces that will shortly hit stores. As you can see, zero of crazy vehicles this time, featuring a small prison with two cells and five mini-figures (Captain Soto, a Kryptarium Guard, a Giant Stone Warrior, Kai and Zane) with assorted accessories.

Just like the rest of the themes, Ninjago doesn’t live only with large and detailed buildings and awesome cars, there are also some minor sets that are surely a great addition to those head pieces especially in terms of playing features or

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Lego 70735 – Ronin R.E.X.

The Ronin R.E.X. is a new Ningajo set that belongs to the 2015 second wave of releases entitled “Shadows of Ronin”, that will be available next August. With five hundred and forty seven pieces, it features an extraordinary airship, a small dragon and four mini-figures: Ronin, Kai, Ghoul Tar and Hackler.

Filled of amazing details and a global shape that remembers somehow Star Wars, the REX is built with several colors where the red prevails above the rest. The cockpit is simply huge with a long windshield and lots of space inside, having just at its front a couple of powerful lasers to fire against the enemy.

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Lego 75750 – Ninja DBX

The Ninja DBX is a new Ninjago set that has recently hit stores. It is quite big, featuring seven hundred and fifty six pieces that are responsible for a huge vehicle with plenty of great features, a small red motorcycle, a gateway and seven (!!) mini-figures: Kapau, Chop’rai, Kai, Nya, Garmadon, Pythor and Auto.

In terms of design and color this new DBX looks absolutely awesome. Built mostly with the traditional red and black color scheme, this huge machine shown also plenty of golden pieces that surely give it a very cool look.

At the front, among a Continue reading

Lego 70745 – Anacondrai Crusher

The Anacondrai Crusher is a small Ninjago set with exactly two hundred and nineteen pieces that will be available in the beginning of 2015. It features, besides the crusher vehicle, two mini-figures (Kai and Krait), both with the respective weapons and a small catapult for Kai in an attempt to reach Krait on the top of the vehicle.

Like most of the Anacondrai sets, this Crusher has at the front a snake, perfectly designed, where all the main parts such as the eyes, the mouth or even the big teeth can be easily identified.

Inside, a very interesting mechanism triggered Continue reading