Lego Ninjago 2018 – Some New Images

New pictures of a few new Ninjago sets, bases this time on a new episode, Sons of Garmadon, have been published once again on a ToysRus website. And for now, my first impressions are really good, there are absolutely some great vehicles, some bikes, a couple of mechs, a Headquarters and plenty of mini-figures to enjoy!

Five new Spinjitzu Master sets (Kai, Nya, Jay, Zane and Cole) are also planned but my favorite is absolutely the Street Race of Snake Jaguar (70639) with two awesome detailed bikes and three mini-figures. These sets and presumably a few more should be available in the first months of 2018.

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Lego Ninjago Movie Set – The First Pictures

Pictures of a new Lego Movie Ninjago set have been unveiled in a toysrus set, showing a pretty nice perspective of one of the small size box (70610 – it has no official name yet…) that will make part of the new set list.

The exact piece count is not available but it is possible to see the set features a small and detailed brown boat, a sort of submarine with a central oval cockpit with some weapons nearby and four long chains right below. The number of mini-figures is also considerable: four and looking at the picture, they’ll be Jay, two ninjago villains and a civil.

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Lego 70751 – Temple of Airjitzu

The Temple of Airjitzu has finally been unveiled. This new Ninjago masterpiece has more than two thousand pieces (!!!) and featuresan awesome building with an endless number of details to enjoy that will include twelve mini-figures (Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper and Claire), from which three are new on the theme .

My first thoughts couldn’t be better. The Temple and the village that surrounds it, is extremely beautiful with a bunch of different colors and details and I would say that it’s almost impossible to highlight a favorite part.

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Lego 70731 – Jay Walker One

The Jay Walker one is a new Ninjago set that has recently hit stores. At the first glance it looks slightly smaller than the piece count would suggest, featuring three hundred and eight six pieces which will be responsible for the vehicle, a small structure called the ghost prison, four mini-figures: (Jay, Bansha, Ghurka and Wail) with assorted weapons and lots of disks with printed ghosts.

The Jay Walker one uses mostly blue and golden pieces mixed with several different stickers which give it a very cool look. The main structure uses a few technic elements and on both edges the extra large wheel with golden rims give the car the appropriate look for surpassing all the obstacles.

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