Lego 76029 – Iron Man vs Ultron

The Iron Man vs Ultron is the entry of the new wave of Super Heroes sets that will start retailing next summer. The box has only ninety bricks that feature four mini-figures (Iron Man, two Ultron Sentry, and an officer), a flying object for the Ultron army and a few accessories that include the new stud shooters and the new Jumper piece.

The building experience is for obvious reasons almost none but the four mini-figures definitely can be once again a good reason to increase the figs collection, for a good price, especially Iron Man that is absolutely one of most wanted Marvel super heroes’ figures.

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Lego Super Heroes – Build the new Iron Man’s Laboratory

Lego club has presented the fans with some new instructions about how build a new Iron Man’s Laboratory. With more than four hundred pieces, I would say, looking to the manual, that it is quite interesting in terms of building experience but on the other hand it is a bit difficult to join all the necessary bricks.

The Lab is built up on a 16*32 gray plate and the two walls are basically made with glass and straight bricks which have between two and eight studs wide. The floor is mostly made with 2X2 grey pieces, most of them flat which is also relatively easy to get.

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Iron Patriot – A cool Mini-figure

Although it is not an official release, it is definitely an excellent mini-figure and who knows a possibility for being a Lego gift or even a new super heroes’ polybag. You can find the original on flickr or have a look at the nice details in the pictures. With a touch of Photoshop these two guys are really great!

With a blue suit, the Iron Patriot has the same helmet of the Iron Man or the War Machine (some internet forums mention that the Iron Patriot is in true the War Machine) , which I think that is simply outstanding. The torso is also highly detailed with a red and grey suit (besides the blue) and its legs follow the same color pattern.

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Lego 76006 – Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle

The Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle is a new Super Heroes set with exactly one hundred and ninety five pieces. And for about twenty dollars you get a great high speed boat, three nice mini-figures (that are Aldrich Killian, the Iron Man and War Machine), a comic adventure book, typical in superheroes sets and a red buoy that looks like a sort of water base for the War Machine.

This is another set that it’s hard to believe in the pieces’ quantity that it announces because when I look at the pictures, the boat doesn’t look that big to justify the number of bricks. However, despite this issue, the boat, aesthetically speaking, is really awesome. Built mostly with black and dark green pieces, it is quite long, aerodynamic and it has some quite interesting features.

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Lego 76008 – Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown

A big name for such a small set! The Ultimate Showdown is perhaps the smallest set of the Super Heroes summer wave of launches. It has less then hundred pieces and brings two mini-figures (Iron Man and the Mandarin) and a small buggy with a rotating flick fire missile launcher at the back.

The buggy looks really nice. Made with a bunch of different color, in terms of structure it makes me remind the little Dino Ambush Attack, despite all the differences in terms of features and colors. With an aerodynamic front, it has a seat for the Mandarin that is slightly lowered among the little buggy’s structure.

At the back, it takes place the main feature of the set: Continue reading