Lego 21109 – Finally the Exo-Suit official images

In the last days, there were plenty of news about the new Lego Ideas Set, the Exo-suit, however, only today the official images have started surfing in the internet. As far as I can see through the first feedbacks, the set has everything to be a success.

The suit is extremely detailed with plenty of small pieces everywhere and of course a bunch of different elements and mechanisms. At the first glance I especially enjoyed the cockpit and the couple of big claws that seem to easily grab the yellow barrels.With three hundred and twenty one pieces, Continue reading

Lego 21110 – Research Institute

The Research Institute is the most recent Lego ideas set that passed to production and will hit stores next August. It contains around two hundred pieces and features three nice and distinct scientific areas: a chemical lab, a small astronomy room and finally a paleontologist with a big dinosaur which will be, perhaps, the most popular part of this set.

Having a quick look at the three, the small lab is built upon a small plate and basically brings a workbench with plenty of flasks with different colors, a couple of pipettes and a small bottle support on the edge. Definitely it looks a very nice reproduction of a small lab.

The astronomer is also quite simple, featuring Continue reading

Lego Ideas – The Lightsabers achieved 10.000 votes

The Dark Vender and Luke Skywalker Lightsabers have recently joined the restrict group of projects, composed until now by Assault on Wayne Manor, Invisible Hand, and X-Men: X-Mansion, that reached the 10.000 supporters on Lego Ideas. With around four hundred pieces the projects features the brick built Skywalker and Dark Vender Lightsabers with all its most important details.

The project is completely different from all the others in terms of concept, so I guess that it will be interesting to know how it will be its final result. If it passes to production, and according to its size, it will retail around the forty dollars.

Have a look at the pictures and all the details in Continue reading

The Lego Ideas Book

This is surely one of the best Lego books in the market and surely one excellent gift for next Christmas. Lego fans like not only theme sets but also like to build their own creations and even to imagine new ideas. With more than five hundred models since little constructions to big detailed models, this book is quite extensive in terms of presentations.

It has among others nice and different  city vehicles, boats, plains, Kingdoms and Castle,  space models and ships as well at nice houses and buildings and small but very useful ideas specially for placing them in an existing town. The problem is “well I have the ideas but where do I get the bricks??”.Don’t worry about that Continue reading