Lego 31038 – Changing Seasons

The Creator theme might not be the most popular among the Lego Fans but they definitely have a lot of great sets, some of them, like this one called “changing Seasons”, excellent among other things, to join the City world.

This set has exactly five hundred and thirty six pieces and features a 3*1 house with the option of building three models of different seasons: spring, summer and winter. In addition, there are also two mini-figures (it looks like dad and his daughter), a small island with a tree, a blue car and lots of different accessories.

The main option is the summer Continue reading

Lego 31010 – Tree House

The Tree House is another new 3×1 Creator set that will be released next among the second wave of Lego Sets- It has exactly three hundred and fifty six pieces which will be enough to build a nice tree house, to play with a bunch of great and different tools and accessories and an usual mini-figure! Besides the main model, the set has two alternatives: a small cottage and a sort of workshop.

Although its piece’s number is quite high, the building itself is particularly small and I guess that it might be explained by the big quantity of small bricks that it has. The two big trunks (one for the house and another for the nice balcony) are up on a big green plate and once again are built with several small bricks which is nice on terms of building experience!I would say that the fun is completely in Continue reading

Lego 31012 – Family House

The Family House is a new creator two story house with more than seven hundred and fifty pieces that will soon be available on stores. This new 3×1 set has besides the outstanding house, a couple of city mini-figures (clearly husband and wife!) and also a yellow convertible, besides the bunch of great accessories all around the house!

Alternatively there are two other models that can be built, namely an unusual factory and an even better looking villa (at least looking at a glance to the available pictures). Looking at the main model it is definitely outstanding and pretty different in some aspect namely in the interior.

The family house is made mostly with a dark red Continue reading