New pictures of the Lego Simpsons Kwik E-Mart (71016)

May is getting closer (15th April for VIP members) and with it the new Kwik E-Mart will start being available on stores. Coincidence or not, Lego has published new images of this huge set, showing some additional details of the new convenience store.

Bart and Homer, for instance, look pretty nice playing on some video game machines, but this is just a small sample of what the Simpsons fans can expect next month. The set will be considerably big with more than two thousand pieces and should retails around the two hundred dollars.

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Lego Simpsons Collectable Mini-figures Series 2 – The official pictures

The last days have been definitely very exciting for the Simpsons fans. At the same time that the new Simpsons Set, The Kwik e-Mart, was officially presented, Lego has also published images of the Series two of Simpsons Collectable mini-figures.

The list was already known for a while but there was some expectation about the final look of most of the guys. After seeing them, I must say that overall they seem spectacular and I especially liked Bart with its purple bat mask, Homer that is nicely dressed and guess who, the little Martin with his cheerful face.

Have a look at all of them in the gallery:

Lego 71016 – The Kwik e-Mart

It’s was almost certain that the second Simpsons’ Set would be on stores in the first semester and today Lego has gladly conformed it. The new Kwik e-Mart set has been officially revealed, it will be slightly smaller than the Simpsons House, and will be available next May with a retail price around the two hundred bucks.

With exactly two thousand and hundred and seventy nice pieces, the set brings, besides the convenience store which is extremely detailed with lots of different colors everywhere, a police car and six mini-figures: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Chief Wiggum and Snake, all of them with different accessories.

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Lego The Simpsons – The Official Homer Simpson

The official Homer Simpson Mini-figure has recently surfed on ebay. As you might have heard the Simpson is a new 2014 theme that will soon be available on stores and a few weeks ago, a previous speculative version was shown and there were already some nice details included but now, finally, we can observe the official Homer Simpson.

The yellow head with the brown beard and the roguish smile is quite similar to the unofficial image and represents perfectly this great cartoon’s characters. The white shirt with the card on the chest as well as the blue trousers reveals the usual work uniform that he used to wear most of the time.

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Lego Simpsons – The First Mini-Figures Images

Homer Simpson and Net Flanders have been surfing in the internet for the first time and currently are on sale on French ebay. There is still some doubts in the air if these are the real version of some of the series 13 mini-figures, but if they’re I guess that I’m a bit disappointed.

The pictures’ definition isn’t the best, but is clearly enough to see them with sufficient detail. Homer, for instance, looks too simple with a yellow torso (there’s too much yellow in this guy) and Net Flanders, despite its printed torso, doesn’t look much interesting.Their heads are also considerably big which is, definitely, a non consensual

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