Seasonal Sets – The First look of Thanks Giving and Halloween Set Box

A couple of new images of two seasonal sets, The Halloween and the Thanks giving Day, have been surfing in the web, showing a pretty good image of these two new releases that will be available only later this year.

The Thanks Giving day (40261) set features a farm scenario with a couple of farmers with some tools, a brick built tree, a cart and a small garden with plenty of nice vegetables as well as a small basket to carry them, and finally a

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Lego 2017 Seasonal Halloween Set– The First Picture

2017 has just started and the first picture of the next Halloween set is already surfing in the internet, taken from the back of an instructions booklet. And looking to the image, the set definitely smashes with some pretty nice details.

Featuring a big black gate with some flames and a pumpkin that presumably is the entry of a haunted house, the picture shows also a couple of mini-figures (a skeleton and a Butler??) and a few additional accessories namely a cauldron with plenty of stuff inside , a couple of glasses, a cat and globally a mysterious atmosphere!lego-seasonal-halloween-2017

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