Deadpool Duck is the second SDDC exclusive mini-figure

The second San Diego Comic com exclusive mini-figure is Deadpool Duck, a character with a funny luck but definitely a crook. Inside a red package, this guy has small legs, a cool duck head and a nice printed torso in a total of only three pieces. Personally, I’ll certainly won’t give it too much attention, there are surely better Marvel figures.

Just like yesterday’s exclusive mini-figure, Vixen, this duck will be available only in the social networks, in a sort of lottery, tomorrow July 20 and 22 at 12:30. If you don’t have a chance to get it, you can always try later the web secondary duck-3

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Lego Trains – 50 Years on Track

Lego has decided, this Christmas, to present their employees with an awesome but extremely limited set, the 50 Years on track, which marks the 50th  anniversary of the first Train release by Lego.

The seat has around one thousand and hundred pieces and includes 6 locomotives of different decades: a motorized train Set from 1966, a Western Train (1976) the Monorail Transport System (1987) a Metroliner (1991), the iconic Emerald Night (2009) and finally this year’s Winter Holiday

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Lego 40107 – Ice Skating

The second exclusive Creator Holiday set has finally been unveiled. The new Ice Skating brings hundred and twenty nine pieces and features two mini-figures (a couple of kids), a small ice island a with a slide and a rink with a hockey goal and some additional elements such as a couple of sticks, a slider and a street lamp .

The slide looks really cool with a sloping angle and plenty of ice elements and the little red kart which is quite simple to build, seems to slide on perfection all the way down. Next to it we can find a reasonable ice puddle with a goal on the edge that looks quite interesting not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of building.

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Lego Exclusive Star Wars Set in Canada

Just like San Diego comic Con, this year’s Fan Expo Canada in Toronto will also have an exclusive set, the Lego Star Wars Rebels Ghost Starship which will feature besides the space craft, a nice mini-figure among a total of hundred and thirty four pieces.

The set that will be available only between 28 and 31 August definitely will constitute a unique opportunity for the Canadian star wars fans to achieve this exclusive set and increase their collection. There’s no word for now about the price but just like SDCC, I guess that it will be almost prohibitive.

Have a look at the short press release:

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