Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 2: City (2)

Yes, it is necessary a second half for the city presentation because the exposition was endless. Below, at the gallery, you’ll continue finding a bunch of nice creations as well as known city themes. The farm environment has a close look, with the beautiful gardens and even the quite realistic greenhouses.

In terms of vehicles, the orange tank truck made me laugh because I never expected to see such a curious (but very nice) modification. The urban environment transmitted very well the sensation of confusion and movement, typical of the big cities, thanks to the huge quantity and diversity of vehicles and people that are present, as well as the nice details that are all around (lamps, trees, gardens, signs, benches and much more).

The camp or the forest if you prefer had a wide are with plenty of green plates, diverse trees and bushes, which was the perfect environment to put the newest 2012 sets of the forest police and forest fire fight. Continue reading

Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 1: City

Campo Pequeno’s Plaza, in Lisbon, was stage of the 2012′ Lego Fan Event. I’ve been there and I must say that the exposition had plenty of quality. Nothing new about Summer sets but its diversity as well as the personalized creations (aka MOC) were awesome. My sincere congratulations to the organization and to the developers, because it was really great. Three million pieces gave a lot of work for sure.

Besides a couple of selling point and some merchandising, the exposition was clearly divided. Two enormous cities with plenty of standards and personalized sets were the core of the attention. A smaller town made with vintage city sets was also very pretty and at the same nicely detailed. Next to these, the Technic vehicles were in great number: trucks, Ferraris, F1, and much more, there were sets for every tastes.

The historic buildings were also very well represented: the Eifeel Tower, The towerbridge and the Taj Mahal, were only a few of the international models. Continue reading