Lego Dino 5886 – T-Rex Hunter

This is perhaps the strangest helicopter that I ever seen. The T-Rex Hunter is a dino set that is prepared to transport, through air, a captured tyrannosaur. For that, Lego created a weird heli with a gigantic landing gear in order to have space to shelter the beast below the cockpit. Besides the vehicle and the Dinosaur, the set has also two paramilitary figures and a small car with a nice trailer.

When you start building the heli, you will find out two things: it is really big and it is not so trivial as the usual city models. First of all, the model has not a base or a chassis, it is globally built by modules which are attached in the final. The cockpit is larger than usual, it has a seat and a handle to launch the four (!!!) tranquilizers. The cockpit could be more complete, in my opinion, it could have at least a small control panel.The back of the cab is made with several technique pieces, all thought to attach the other structures and also to receive the enormous windshield (it has almost hundred and eighty degrees). Continue reading

Lego Dino 5883 – Tower Takedown

The Tower Takedown is a nice Dino set. It intends to recreate a scenario where a guard tries to capture a Dino (to be exactly, I think that it is a Pteranodon, or something like that). The set has almost one hundred and forty pieces, a very well printed mini-figure, a jet ski and the so called dinosaur.

The set is easy to build and has plenty of interesting details. Starting by the tower, which has two floors, it is built with known pieces, used for instance in the train station 7937. Inside, the first floor is rather empty and perhaps it will just serve to store some accessories or even the jet ski.The second floor is rather different because it has a dino detector (looks like a printed piece, but I am not sure), some ladders for the access and an antenna for surveillance and fast detection. Continue reading

Lego Dino 5882 – Ambush Attack

The Ambush Attack is a small, but very nice, 2012 set from the new Lego theme. With eighty pieces, it has one mini-figure with a dual printed face, which is quite unusual, a buggy with plenty of nice details, a dinosaur (this one I think is a Coelophysis), which my sons will surely enjoy and a small bush for the ambush scenario.

Building it is very simple and fast, less than ten minutes is surely enough. The buggy is very interesting because being so small, it can have, at the same time, many different and interesting details. Starting be the wheel arches that are small but balanced, simultaneously, passing through the four side clips that hang the two bars.But there is more, at the back, the technique pieces create a very nice launcher in order to catch the Dino and there is even room to store the tranquilizer weapon. Continue reading

Lego Dino 5887 – Dino Defense HQ

The Dino Defense Headquarters is the biggest Dino’s set released this year. With almost eight hundred pieces and four mini-figures the set has, besides the headquarters, a curious helicopter, a gigantic tyrannosaur (?) and two smaller dinosaurs, a small island with some tools and an all-road jeep.

The building has a big courtyard that is simultaneously a jail for the dinos. The front gate is quite impressive and big, but I’m afraid that the big tyrano will easily smash it. The gates are easy to build (only two pieces plus the horns) and attach easily to the side towers, through some technique pieces.The yellow twin towers are not only a surveillance place but they have also some weapons to catch the beasts. Continue reading