Lego 70014 – The Croc Swamp Hideout

Here is one of the biggest Legend of Chima sets that will be release in the Lego’s summer wave. The Croc Swamp Hideout will have six hundred and forty seven pieces that will allow building the Croc headquarters, a swamp hovercraft for the lions and five great mini-figures that will be Cragger, Crug and Crominus from the Crocodiles tribe and Leonidas and Lennox from the Lions.

Having a look at the super detailed set box image, which I must say I never get tired of watching, we can see that the Crocs have messed once again and kidnapped Leonidas. The idea is obviously to save him, with the help of Lennox, from the crocs and release him from the suspended jail.

Gladly, this is the second tribe to have a nice and big headquarters after the Lions,  Continue reading