Lego 60015 – Coast Guard Plane

Finally, the last unknown city set is seen, it’s was about time! The Coast Guard Plane is the last of the summer wave to be released. It will have exactly two hundred and seventy nice pieces and will bring two excellent vehicles: a fishing boat and a big cost guard heliplane. To give some action to the set there are also three nice mini-figures: two fishermen and the plane’s pilot!

Starting by the smallest, the fishing boat, it has the same average length of many other city boats thanks most of all to its white base, which gladly floats. In terms of features I would say that although its simplicity, there are a few nice things to point at. The bow has nothing much, only a couple of black safety bars.

But on the other hand, in the middle, the small cabin Continue reading

Lego 60014 – Coast Guard Patrol

The Coast Guard Patrol is the biggest coast guard set with almost four hundred and fifty pieces. It has, besides the big coast guard ship, a smaller green inflatable boat, a small rescue helicopter, a mini explorer submarine, a lighthouse, three (!!!) grey sharks, a dog and six mini-figures which are the ship’s captain, the helicopter’s pilot, two coast guards and the two crewmembers of the inflatable boat.

The head set of the coast guard brings such a diversity of features, colors and vehicles that simply results in one of the most interesting city sets of the 2013 summer wave. Remembering the 2008 model, I would say that with a bunch of significant differences it is a truly successor of 7739 coast guard set!

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Lego 60011 – Surfer rescue

I guess that there are polybags with a bigger number of pieces than this surfer Rescue, however this thirty two pieces set looks a good acquisition, especially if you like the water sets. However, such a small quantity of pieces allows building a coast guard jet ski, a grey shark and two mini-figures which are the cost guard and the surfer with its board.

The set itself intends to create a rescue scene where suddenly the surfer was surprised by the shark. But besides this unlikely scenario, the set in my opinion is also a nice addition or a complement to bigger sets such as the marina or even one of the new coast guard sets. There is always room for an extra jet ski.

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Lego 60013 – Coast Guard Helicopter

Approved! First of all I must say that when a new heli set comes out, I always have my doubts, not because they are not good, but simply because most of the times I have the feeling that it will be more of the same. Fortunately it is not the case, this one look really sturdy, different, the coast guard color combination is excellent and as you can see in the pictures there are some great new features!

The Coast Guard helicopter is a new city set, available next summer, with two hundred and twenty eight pieces and it has besides the heli, a new catamaran, a white shark and four nice mini-figures that are the guy in trouble, in the catamaran, the pilot, a diver and a third coast guard.

The Helicopter has some great new stuff. Starting by its new cockpit Continue reading