Lego 60182 – Pickup & Caravan

The Pickup & Caravan is a new Lego City set that will be available in the beginning of 2018. With three hundred and forty four pieces, it is a sort of update of the 2016 model (60117 – Van and Caravan) and absolutely with better results. This new set features a nice red pickup, a big caravan and three mini-figures (a family of three with a couple and a kid) with plenty of assorted accessories.

Having a look at the van, it’s impossible not to say in the first moment that it won’t handle with the caravan. It looks sturdy, powerful and with a nice design. The cockpit is large but has no side doors, the roof detaches easily and at the back, the trunk is transformed to receive the attach mechanism of the big caravan.

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Lego 31052 – Vacation Getaways

I must admit that Creator sometimes is not the most enthusiastic theme but fortunately this time it is simply the contrary! The new Vacation Getaways, that will be available only next June is absolutely fantastic and a must in terms of everything: beauty, playability and most of all building experience.

The exact piece count is not known yet, but I would bet something around the six hundred pieces that will feature the big white van, a small trailer with a boat, a brick built bear, a couple of trees and two mini-figures with lots of accessories: a barbecue, a picnic table with two seats, some food, a skate and even a digital machine.Lego-31052-Vacation-Getaways-creator-2

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