Lego 60173 – Mountain Arrest

This is definitely a great 2018 set! With plenty of playability and a good price, this new CITY Mountain Police set features around three hundred pieces and a lot of great elements to play with or to join to other police sets.

The set brings a blue Police helicopter with a reasonable size, a mountain hideout built up on some rocks, a red buggy, a bear figure and four mini-figures (a couple of police officers and two robbers) with multiple accessories.

The Heli is clearly Continue reading

Lego 60172 – Dirt Road Pursuit

Here we go for the first 2108 City set that has just been unveiled, the Dirt Road Pursuit. This new set seems to make part of the new city Subtheme, the Mountain Police, and shows, despite being a Police set, some new cars to enjoy and best of all, a new feature, a yellow net shooter.

As you can see, the set shows a new Police Truck with big wheels, a red buggy for the crocks, a police motorcycle, a small hill with a tricky rock, a road sign and three mini-figures (a couple of police officers and the robber) in a total of two hundred and ninety seven pieces.

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Lego 76098 – Speed Force Freeze Pursuit

The Speed Force Speed Pursuit is one if the new DC Comics Super Heroes sets, recently unveiled, that will be available next year. With around two hundred and fifty pieces, it features two nice vehicles, an helicopter and a car (a sort of buggy) and four mini-figures with several accessories: Cyborg, Flash, Reverse Flash and Killer Frost.

The set looks absolutely cool in terms if playability and one of the reasons is the heli with its great and unusual features. The cockpit at the front looks fantastic with a big windshield and inside, the pilot has more than enough space for a nice seat and the usual handlers.LEGO-76098-Speed-Force-Freeze-Pursuit-dc-super-heroesWith a nice color scheme, it Continue reading

Lego 60156 – Jungle Buggy

Here’s a good chance of getting a new City Jungle set without having to spend too much money. The Jungle Buggy is probably the smallest set in this wave, only with fifty three but there it features some nice elements that surely worth the money.

The box as you can see includes A Jungle Buggy with a different design, a mini-figure (a jungle explorer) with a couple of accessories, a spider and a totem with a precious stone and some bushes nearby.Lego-60156-Jungle-Buggy-city

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Lego 60145 – Buggy

What a nice small City set. It shows color, playability and some interesting details to enjoy. This new Buggy has only eighty pieces and features only a red and white Dune Buggy with a single mini-figure, the pilot.

With some nice wheels, capable of surpassing any obstacle, this small Buggy looks absolutely sturdy. With the wheel axels placed on the edges, the front shows a couple of lights with stickers and a tow bar. The cockpit is quite large, according to the vehicle’s size and has no kind of doors or windshield, just a long protection bar which gladly opens widely, allowing a better access to the

Inside, besides Continue reading