Lego 70638 – Katana V11

The Katana V11 is a new Ninjago set with around two hundred and fifty pieces that has just hit stores. And it’s not bad at all, especially for those who now get in touch with this theme or planning to add smaller elements to bigger sets.

The set features, as you can see, a high speed boat, predominantly red, a black motorcycle and two characters, Kai and Luke Cunningham with some nice assorted weapons (at least three Katanas for the guys).

The boat is obviously the hero. Continue reading

Lego 60168 – Sailboat Rescue

The Sailboat rescue is a new City coast guard set that has recently hit stores. This small size set has around two hundred pieces and features a beautiful sailboat, the coast guard rescue boat, a small island with a couple of rocks, two mini-figures (the sailboat guy and the guard) and an usual shark.

Definitely, I like both. The coast guard boat presents the usual orange color scheme and shows some really nice features to play with. The cockpit is placed in the middle and is totally protected by a big blue windshield. Just aside it, there are two clips for the walkie-talkies as well as a couple of lights.Lego-60168-Sailboat-Rescue-coast-guard-city-3

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Lego Ideas – Boat Repair Shop

In a time when the news about 2017 sets haven’t been much, let’s have a quick look at this Ideas set, the Boat Repair Shop, an awesome seaside building with plenty of different colors that includes two boats and  four mini-figures ( a couple of carpenters, the captain and a fishing man), that has reached recently the 10.000 supporters.

Outside, the beauty and detail are simply outstanding, however at the first glance all the attention goes to the  ramp with a crane and rails that allow to pull the boats form the water or alternately to put them there again once the maintenance is over. All around, there are also plenty of nice details such as the several buoys, signs, pictures in the walls, lots of differents boards and of course the two big doors that allow to access the

Inside, there’s a considerable Continue reading

Lego 60147 – Fishing Boat

In a short look on eurobricks, I’ve passed through a picture of a new 2017 City set, the Fishing Boat. As a substitute of the 2011 model (4642) this new set has a bit more than hundred pieces and features besides the boat, two mini-figures (the pilot and a lady) with assorted accessories and a lot of fish that includes a shark and a new orange specie.

And I like it! It doesn’t have the yacht shapes of the previous model, but it has all the mandatory features in a nice fishing boat. The base piece seems to be the usual and I surely expect that it floats better than the other one. If you like stickers, there’s also the possibility of adding a couple with the mention “sport fishing”.lego-60147-fishing-boat-city

The bow is Continue reading

Lego 60066 – Police Swamp Starter Set

Here is another good opportunity to get four mini-figures and some extra accessories for a decent price. The new Police Swamp starter set that will be available in the beginning of the year features a small Police boat, a raft, four mini-figures with assorted accessories (two different thieves and a couple of officers – including a female), a crocodile, a small hideout for the money and a couple of smaller animals (a red snake and a crab).

The boat, as expected, is quite simple having at the stern a big propeller, remembering a hovercraft. The cockpit looks also pretty nice with a couple of handlers and two blue lights attached to clips.

The police swamp vehicle has a task in this set and the job is to pursuit the crocks’ raft which looks ...Continue Reading...