Lego 75198 – Tatooine Battle Pack

Here’s a nice opportunity to get some extra Star wars stuff without having to spend much money.  Obviously, it’s not the most interesting Star Wars set but it´s absoluitely a pretty colored entry option.

The Tatooine Battle Pack has around hundred pieces and presents a small service vehicle with a couple of interesting features, four mini-figures (Tusken Raider, a couple of different Jawas and an Astromech Droid) with the traditional accessories and a bunch of blue studs for the weapons.

The service vehicle is Continue reading

Lego 75167 – Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack

The Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack is a new Star Wars entry set that has just hit retail. With only two hundred and two pieces, it shows a small but detailed Speeder Bike with plenty of weapons and four mini-figures (Dengar, IG-88, Bossk and 4-LOM) with assorted guns.

I like this speeder! With a long nose and some nice blue pieces, it presents weapons everywhere: On both sides, a flick fire missile and right aside the pilot two useful stud shooters. Pretty interesting in such a small ship! The pilot has also a decent seat with a few minor handlers at his front.Lego-75167-Bounty-Hunter-Speeder-Bike-Battle-Pack-star-wars-1

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Lego Ninjago – A new Skybound Battle Pack has been found

A new Ninjago Battle Pack (853544) has been revealed on Eurobricks, showing a Skybound subtheme set with thirty six pieces, four mini-figures that seem to be Zane, Samurai X Nya ( a great version!) and a couple of soldiers of Nadakhan’s sky pirate crew, with lots of weapons and accessories.

Basically, it’s only four mini-figures, but it’s surely a must because the four guys are awesome with lots of printed details and most of all, are versions that it’s not easy to find, I would even say that probably most of them are unique!lego-ninjago-battle-pack-853544This new battle pack Continue reading

New Lego City and Ninjago Battle Packs

Three new battle packs (one from Ninjago and two from city) were seen recently on stores, constituting an alternative (and rather expensive!) way of getting additional or new mini-figures as well as its tools or accessories. Fifteen dollars is what they cost (each one, of course) and all of them bring four mini-figures.

The Ninjago pack (850632) has exactly thirty six pieces and the mini-figures are a Stone Warrior and a Scout, and two Ninjas, more exactly, Jay ZX and Zane ZX. Besides them, there is also a small platform to store their weapons.The City packs are two, one from the Police Continue reading