Lego Friends 3932 – Andrea’s Stage

Andrea’s Stage is one of the best 2012 entry sets of the friends’ theme. For less than ten dollars you get plenty of fun and animation in almost ninety pieces. The set has one mini-doll, Andrea, a nice and detailed piano, a small stage with a microphone and a wide entrance made with an arch and two nice side curtains. It’s amazing the quantity of nice details in such a small set.

The black piano is definitely a must. Not only its feet but the entire body is surely well done. The keyboard is made with 2×1 pieces mostly used in the truck’s grills (very similar…) and on both edges there is room for a crystal glass and a microphone holder. The seat is also typical of these occasions and I must say that the color combination was well chosen.The stage’s entrance is made with some arch’s pieces and just behind it there are two red curtains made with symmetric pieces. Continue reading