Lego 75097 – Star Wars Advent Calendar

There still some time until the 2015 Advent Calendar sets hit stores but the set box images are already known for a while and so, it is possible to have a good look about all its details that will be available next October.

The Star Wars advent Calendar set will have about the same piece count of previous years, around three hundred, and will feature some nice elements such as the Sarlacc pit, Jabba’s sail barge, a sandcrawler, a Lin demolition Mech or even a probe droid and five mini-figures (C-3PO as a Santa, a R2-D2, a Storm trooper, Jawa, a and Ewok Warrior).

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Lego 75056 – Star Wars Advent Calendar

This is not properly new, but I think that is the first time that the official images of this year’s star wars advent calendar surf in the internet. The set will have exactly two hundred and seventy four pieces and will bring eight (!!!) mini-figures, of known space-ships as well as a few interesting accessories.

The mini-figures will be a Super Battle Droid, a TIE Pilot, a Snow trooper, Luke Skywalker, Dak Ralter, General Rieekan, Darth Vader with a special Christmas suit, R2-D2 disguised as Christmas tree and finally, a Clone Trooper with a Santa Hat. From all these eight guys my special attention goes absolutely to Darth Vader and its red suit which is definitely very nice!

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Lego 75023 – Star Wars Advent Calendar

Nine mini-figures and a bunch of spaceships and vehicles’ miniatures is what we can expect of the new 2013 star wars advent calendar. Basically it is more of the same if we compare it with other year’s releases.

With a total of two hundred and fifty four pieces, it will bring several star wars characters namely a Rebel Commando, a Battle Droid and a Clone Trooper, a Geonosian Pilot, a Scout Trooper, Jango Fett with a Santa suite and finally Boba Fett in a total of nine mini-figures to add to collection.

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Lego 41016 – Friends Advent Calendar

The Lego 41016 is the 2013 Friends Advent Calendar that will be on stores next autumn. With two hundred and thirteen pieces, it will include two dolls that will be Stephanie and Mia and a bunch of nice small accessories that definitely will be a good addition to other bigger friends or, why not, city sets.

The second released Friends advent calendar will provide the girls a bunch of nice things, namely: two small stands built with multiple color pieces, a street lamp with a green branch, the traditional Christmas tree with three nice gifts, a snowman, a white radio, a park bench and a nice fountain and even a small garbage can.

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Lego 60024 – City Advent Calendar

The New City Advent Calendar, this year, will present us with almost two hundred and fifty pieces which we lead us to build eight mini-figures (an Astronaut, a Mechanic, a Santa, a Snowman, a Fireman, a Police Officer, a Crook and a Child) and a lot of interesting small accessories for other big city sets.

As you can see thought the pictures, in terms of small buildings, there is small kart which will be excellent to add to the new Grand Prix Truck (60025), a nice fireplace, a barbecue and a picnic table with the respective bench, a usual Christmas tree, this time with a small red base and some microscopic vehicles such as a locomotive or a excavator which in my opinion are completely dispensable.

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