Lego Cars 8486 – Mack’s Team Truck

Mack has been released last year and as you know, it is Lightning Mcqueen’s team truck as well as one of its friends in the movie. With almost four hundred pieces, the set besides the truck and its big trailer, has also the car, Mcqueen, a lot of tools and accessories and plenty of playability, after all the main character of the movie is present.

Mcqueen could not be simpler to build. It has a regular chassis with small wheels, the hood and the roof (this is simultaneously its face) are unique printed pieces, as well as the side skirts that are cleverly attached to some single dot pieces. It even has the aileron connected with a double pin piece (this one is also printed).Talking about Mack, the core of the set, the truck has until certain part a usual building, comparing for instance to the usual city trucks. Continue reading