Lego City 7945 – Fire Station

The Fire Station is one of the most exciting city sets of the history. It is a most in every town and in my opinion is perhaps even better than the newest 7208. The set, besides the building, has a huge fire truck with the finest ladder mechanism, an emergency rescue vehicle, four firemen, and lots and lots of tools and accessories.

Starting by the station, it integrates perfectly the two vehicle’s garages with a central headquarter with two floors. I specially enjoy the corner of the washing area. It is cozy and in case of need it is an extra parking place for others fire vehicles. Starting building it, you will notice that the complex is mounted in three steps: the two garages, separately, and the central building which ate attached through a couple of pins on both sides.On the right side of the building there is the smaller garage. It is no big deal because there are no walls, juts some columns that will support the roof and the gate. Continue reading