Lego Summer Sets – Some Official Images

A few more official images of the new Summer sets have been unveiled and I must say that I’m quite excited with it! There was already a general idea about how the sets will be but it’s always great to see all its main details or features in the official pictures.

The sets are: Captain Rex’s AT-TE (75157), General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom (70321), Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle (76057) and the Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130). From these three I must say that for several reasons I was particularly delighted with the Friends roller coaster, a set with plenty of beauty and playability. I wonder how the city trains behave in those sharp

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Lego Super Heroes and Star Wars – The First Summer Set List

In a time when most part of the first wave of Super Heroes and Star Wars sets didn’t hit stores, rumors with some of the new Marvel and DC Comics Summer sets have appeared on Eurobricks, showing seven new references for each one of them.

The star Wars list is composed by Anakin’s Podracer (75145), 75147, 75148, 75149 (unfortunately these three have no name yet) Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced (75150) Clone Turbo Tank (75151) and Captain Rex’s AT-TE Walker (75157), Marvel sets will contain Web Warriors Bridge Duel (76057) Ghost Rider Team-Up (76058) Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap (76059) and Captain America: Civil War (76067) and finally DC Comics with Scarecrow: Fearful Harvest (76054) Killer Croc: Havoc in the Sewer (76055) and LEGO Juniors Batman and Superman vs. Lex Luthor (10724).lego-marvel-dc-comics-super-heroes-star-wars-summer-2016

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