Lego 76022 – X-Men vs. The Sentinel

This is a new Marvel set that will retail in the beginning of next Summer. It brings exactly three hundred and thirty six pieces which will put it in a price range around the fifty dollars (a bit expensive for what it features), four mini-figures (Storm, Magneto, Cyclops and Wolverine), a built brick Sentinel and the major attraction the Black Bird, Men’s aircraft.

Just like so many other sets, this is another battle between a few characters and the Sentinel with the main goal of rescue Wolverine from the Purple guy. The Sentinel is a sort of Mini-Meck, with a slim body made with small pieces and long arms and legs.

The aircraft. despite a couple of interesting Continue reading

New York Toy Fair – It’s Time for Ninjago and Super Heroes

Ninjago and Super Heroes have also presented some great news, once again in the 2014 New York Toy Fair. Marvel among other brought the new Knowhere Escape Mission (76020) and the X-Man vs. The Sentinel (76022), which I must say, at the first glance didn’t convince me much.

On the other hand Ninjago (via Toyark) presented Battle for Ninjago city (70728), an awesome palace with more than a thousand pieces filled with pretty nice details and the X-1 Ninja Charger (70727), an impressive red car with a hidden bike below the big hood. The vehicle seems to have plenty of nice details and the bike, according to the set box, seem to be triggered just as the hood is opened....Continue Reading...