Lego 76013 – The Joker Steam Roller

The New Year brought the fans a great highly colored Super Heroes set with almost five hundred pieces. It features two great vehicles, the big Joker steam roller and a big black Bat Wing, and five mini-figures: Batman, Batgirl, Robin, the Joker and the Joker Goon, that have at their disposal a lot of tools and weapons to play with.

The Joker’s vehicle has at the front a big roller built symmetrically with two colors bricks giving it a very nice effect. With a structure made with technic pieces, it includes besides its smashing power, a couple of powerful rockets to fire against the batwing. The roller itself, as you can see through the pictures, is also able to turn a few degrees allowing the vehicle to move left or right....Continue Reading...

Lego Super Heroes – The 2014 first wave of sets (updated)

— Update September 19 —

All about bricks reports some tendencies about how the first wave of superheroes sets will be. In the beginning of the new year there will four new releases of batman, all of them with different charachters, two Lego junior sets, one of them with Batman , Joker and a small Batcave and anoyther with a spider man car.

There additional sets will be available on March featuring spider-man adventures with new villans  and finally ‘The Avengers’ will also mark presence with a couple of news.  Finally in July, a smaller wave is also planned with new Marvel Sets, inspired in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘X-Men’ with the meaning of coincide with the release of the respective news movies.

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Super Heroes has also been surfing Continue reading