Lego Super Heroes – The complete set list for 2013

The six unknown superheroes sets for 2013 are apparently revealed. According to the recent rumors, the missing sets will be inspired on a couple of characters, namely the Superman and the Iron Man and both will be presented with three new sets. According to the available prices, the biggest set will be the already known 76005, Daily Bugle Mission and the entry is reserved for the new Iron man Extremis (76007).

Talking about the new sets, Superman will participate on a Metropolis ShowDown (76002), a Smallville Battle and finally on a Black Zero Escape (76009). On the other hand, Iron Man will fight against Mandarin (76008), and show the Malibu Mansion.

The only issue that I find a bit strange, Continue reading

Lego 76001 Batman – The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase

The Tumbler Chase with the Batman against Bane is a new Batman’s 2013 set, clearly based in the Comic stories. If we just remember a few stories’ scenes – particularly, I think, in Batman Begins- the tumbler is a sort of a military machine that was purchased or acquired by Bruce as a sort of Batmobile.

The new Lego 76001, that is planned to be on stores next January, is a forty dollar set with almost three hundred and seventy pieces, with the so called Tumbler, an interesting batwing with plenty of nice weapons that I will talk ahead and three mini-figures: the Batman, Bane and the commissioner Gordon.

Starting by the Batwing, I would say that it can assume several looks, Continue reading