Lego 76000 – Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice

The new batman set intends to recreate a scene where Aquaman is caught on an ice jail by Mr. Freeze and Batman tries to save him with the batboat. With almost two hundred pieces, the core of this twenty dollar set is obviously the black batboat. Besides it, this ice battle includes three minifigures (Aquaman, Mr Freeze and Batman) and the ice prison made with blue transparent pieces on a small platform.

Starting by the batboat, the cockpit is placed in the center where a big windshield protects Batman from all kinds of threats. It opens easily to give a better access to the inside, where Batman has at his disposal a couple of handles, increasing that way the playability of the vehicle.

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Lego Super Heroes – The complete set list for 2013

The six unknown superheroes sets for 2013 are apparently revealed. According to the recent rumors, the missing sets will be inspired on a couple of characters, namely the Superman and the Iron Man and both will be presented with three new sets. According to the available prices, the biggest set will be the already known 76005, Daily Bugle Mission and the entry is reserved for the new Iron man Extremis (76007).

Talking about the new sets, Superman will participate on a Metropolis ShowDown (76002), a Smallville Battle and finally on a Black Zero Escape (76009). On the other hand, Iron Man will fight against Mandarin (76008), and show the Malibu Mansion.

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Lego Super Heroes 76004 and 76000 – New Pictures of These New 2013 Sets

The set boxes of the Spider Man cycle chase (76004) and of the Aquaman on ice – Batman against Mr Freeze (76000) finally appeared. Both have similar sizes, small sets I would say and will cost maximum around fifteen dollars. I’m not one of the most enthusiastic Super heroes’ sets but I must say that and two have pretty nice details.

By the picture below, we can see that both have three mini-figures, a major vehicle which is a batboat, in the case of the 76000, with a great color combination (black and yellow). This set has also a sort of ice jail with a small white base and a couple of transparent blue pieces which intend to simulate the ice.

The Spider Cycle Chase, on the other hand has a motorcycle

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