Lego 75887 – Porsche 919 Hybrid

The Porsche 919 Hybrid is a new speed champions car with hundred and sixty seven pieces and an awesome design, pretty close to the real model. As you can see through the pictures, besides the racing car, the set features also a spare kit of alloy rims, a pilot with a laptop and a couple of tools and a starting line light.

With a nice color combination, mixing black, white and a bit of red, the car shows a nice cockpit that is slightly pulled to the front. Inside, protected by a large windshield, it is possible to see the steering wheel and a seat for the pilot. No side doors, as usual, but the glass seems to be easily detachable.

Just behind the driver, there’s a central Continue reading

Lego Speed Champions – The 2018 Sets

The new Speed Champions’ sets that will make part of the first wave of 2018, have finally been unveiled. Six new sets will be on shelves next Spring and attempting to the pictures, the news looks pretty interesting with awesome cars and features to play with.

There’s a new Ford Fiesta (75885) among the six, that really impressed me – the set box art definitely gave a help -,  a new Hybrid Porsche (75887) and of course the biggest, the Ferrari Ultimate Garage (75889), a set with three different Ferraris and plenty of nice elements inside and outside the garage.

The sets will presumably Continue reading