Lego 75001 – Republic Troopers vs Sith Trooper

The Republic Troopers against the Sith Trooper is the smallest set, until now, of the 2013 star wars theme. With only sixty three pieces, its has four great mini-figures (two republic troopers and two Sith troopers, one with a red armor and another one in black) and a small speeder for one of the Siths.

This set, as you can see, is particularly small but at the same time all its components are rather well accurate and surely provide not only great moments of fun but also constitute a very nice complement for bigger star wars sets.

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Lego Star Wars – New Available Pictures Of The 2013 Sets

Today is surely a day of great news. A bunch of new pictures not only from Star Wars, but also from the city, Legends of Chima and Superheroes themes are finally available. In this post you will find pictures of seven new star wars sets that will be available on stores in the beginning of 2013, almost sure in January.

Seven new sets were finally revealed. In the pictures below you will find a clear idea of what each one of them will be. The clone trooper look like a fifteen dollars sets with a small ship, two figures and a couple of droidkas and the 75001, the republic vs sith troopers will also be a small set with four mini-figures and another small ship.

The AT-RT (75002) will have basically the big robot

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