Lego 71006 – The Simpsons House – updated with official images and press release

Finally some images of the new Simpsons House, and what a house I would say… The first pictures of the Simpsons’ head set shows us a huge building with an aesthetic completely different from most of the city, friends or even Creator houses that I’ve seen so far, having an even more similar look to the real world.

This new Simpsons set brings more than two thousand and five hundred pieces and features the gigantic (yes, it looks considerably big…) house with a garage, several accessories for the garden such as the mail box, the barbecue, the skate board park, Homer’s Pink car and of course the Simpsons’ family: Bart, Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa and its pleasant (not…) neighbor Ned Flanders.

The House is built with a great color scheme, Continue reading