Lego Ninjago – Finally the First 2016 Official Pictures

The Ninjago fans can now smile, the official images of the next 2016 wave of sets has finally appeared on internet, in this particular case in the French Amazon. The list is not complete but it’s already possible to see six of the new sets.

The entry set is the Cole’s Dragon (70599), a ten dollar set with two mini-figures and the biggest consists on a huge flying machine, the Misfortunes Keep (70605) that features also six mini-figures and a smaller green jet. The sets will be available next

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Lego Ninjago 2016 – Official Info

Continuing with some of the official presentations of 2016, once again published on Toysrus Canada website, here you have some of the new Ninjago sets. One of the most enthusiastic themes among the fans will now have a sort of mix between ninjas and Pirates.

Below you can see several sets of different sizes and despite not having an official piece count, it is possible to see by its measures or by the number of mini-figures that there will be sets for every wallets and every tastes. Can’t wait once again to see the official pictures!lego-ninjago-2016-ninjas-pirates

Have a look at the details:

Cole’s Dragon (70599)

Face-off against sky pirate Bucko with Ninja warrior Cole’s Dragon, featuring a posable neck, wings and legs. Free the trapped Zane’ element from the special Djinn blade and ride away victorious! Includes 2 minifigures: Cole and Bucko.

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