Lego 70013 Legends of Chima – Equila’s Ultra Striker

The Legends of Chima’s, Equila’s Ultra Striker, is a recently released set with three hundred and thirty nine pieces, a huge vehicle that I’m seriously suspicious that splits in two, a air ship and a all terrain vehicle and three nice mini-figures, Willhurt (the Wolf), Eglor the Eagle and finally the main guy, Equila.

If we have a look to the Ultra Striker, there are two things on it that immediately make me think that this vehicle will easily split in two: the big blue wings and the long crawlers surely don’t combine.  On the other hand, the central cockpit with a retractable windshield also has a look of a great flying striker.

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Lego Legends of Chima – Have a look at the 2013 first pictures

The Legends of Chima, as you possibly know, is one of the new 2013 sets and it will possibly substitute the 2011 Ninjago.  According to the pictures below the rumors are highly supported because all the style, the feelings and most of all its features with all the gaming cards are quite similar for sure.

Basically the theme has two different concepts: the traditional sets with vehicles, figures or whatever and the speedorz that apparently will replace the Ninjago spinners. Some sites give a quick but not too detailed explanation about them talking about a sort of small vehicle with a pullback mechanism which will interact with the cards. Next year we will see about that.Talking about the sets, they are quite strange and different just as Ninjago was.

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