Lego 60153 – Fun in the Beach

Fun in the Beach is a new city set that has recently been unveiled and will be available on stores next summer. It is, like the set box mentions, a people pack, with lots of mini-figures (fourteen to be exactly) and an endless number of features and accessories to play with, being a truly addition to the Fun in the Park set (60134).

The set of mini-figures include four children, an ice cream seller, a life guard, a Garbage Man, two beach volley players, a metal explorer, a diver, a grandma, a kayak paddler, a wind surfer and a tourist that is enjoying the time, there aren’t any Continue reading

Lego City Summer Sets – The First Pictures at Nuremberg Toy Fair

2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair, in Germany, has just started and with it a lot of information about new Lego set is gradually surfing in the Internet, particularly, my Favorite Lego theme, City, that immediately caught my attention, with some awesome news to show.

Promobricks has done a great photo report where is possible to see the return of the Cost Guard subtheme (that includes among other a coast guard Headquarters and a Sea rescue Plane), the Jungle Family (with lots of heavy vehicles and the Jungle Exploration Site as the head set), the new Bus Station, the Fun at beach, a set with plenty of mini-figures just like the Fun in the Park (60314), and finally for now the new Cargo  That’s definitely a lot to enjoy! Have a look at Continue reading