Lego 60110 – Fire Station

Here is a set which I would certainly buy, if I had space for an extra fire station. This new City set is the biggest fire station of the last years with nine hundred and nineteen pieces that features besides the big building, a fire rescue truck, a small car, probably for the chief, a small helicopter, six mini-figures (five fireman and a civilian) with lots of accessories and finally an unusual hot-dog cart that unfortunately seems to be on fire.

The Headquarters is definitely fantastic. As you can see, it is constituted by three different elements, two garages of different sizes, one on each side and, in the center, the building with three floors.Lego-60110-Fire-Station-city

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Lego City 2016 Set Images – Second Round with Fire and Police Sets

Here we go again with pictures of nine new sets that weren’t available in the previous City post.  This time, there are only pictures of Fire and Police subthemes and let me tell that beyond all the details and playability, the set box art is simply awesome.

The head sets, the Prison Island and the Fire Station are finally unveiled showing a lot of stuff to enjoy. Some of you might say that is more of the same but for those who didn’t have the possibility to get a fire headquarters or a Police building, this is a huge opportunity to get some incredible

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Lego 2016 City Sets – The first look

Last weekend, a bunch of pictures of the next 2016 wave of sets have been surfing in the internet almost on every place. It’s always pleasant to see the news, even if it is a couple of days later. And it was with mixed feelings that I took a look at my favorite Lego Theme, City, particularly on its head line sets.

The first disappointment is that, with the exception of a small racing boat, for now there are only available images about Fire and city sets. The second one is that among these my sudden thought was “it’s more of the same”!lego-city-2016-60110-60130

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