Lego 60098- The Heavy Haul Train Official Pictures

The official pictures of the new city Heavy Haul train have finally become available on Lego images servers. The train was already known for a while but as always, I think that is very pleasant to see the official pics, especially if you’re a Lego train fan.

My first thoughts were reproduced here , and overall I keep the same opinion, for those who have the yellow cargo train (7939) or are familiar with it, the set definitely seems like a big disappointment, the locomotives are globally the same and it seems that Lego only grabbed the yellow one and painted it in red.

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Lego 60098 – Heavy Haul Train

The first images of the new Heavy Haul Train have been surfing in the internet thanks to a Brickset User L@go that seems to be at Lego world Copenhagen. It’s always quite pleasant to see a new city train however, this time, I must say that I’m a bit disappointed for two reasons: first, the locomotive is a replica of the yellow 7939 (I expected something different…) and second, two of the wagons have once again a flat bed platform.

Looks like, at the first glance, that the train will have three wagons, besides the red locomotive, that will include a ore transporter and a couple of flat bed wagons that will carry a small helicopter and a backhoe and, of course, a reasonable number of railway tracks. Rumors mention that there might be a crane to load the ore into the wagon, which is a strong possibility at least according to one of the pictures.

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