The Lego Summer Wave in Official Images

Yes, that’s it. Several online retailers have been recently posted official images of the new Lego sets as well as a short description, and I thought of putting it together right here. There isn’t properly anything new but I guess that is always pleasant to see the official images and all its details.

I’ll start with the train’s family that includes a new train station, a high-speed passenger train and a cargo train, which are absolutely my favorites, but the arctic subset and for instance the Ninjago or Friends have also some really nice elements.

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Lego 60052 – Cargo Train

I can’t wait to see this set on my local stores! As you’ve probably noticed I love city trains and this one will absolutely make part of my collection as soon as possible! This new cargo train is a huge set with almost nine hundred pieces and brings as you can see through the set box pictures a bunch of great stuff to play with!

The extensive list includes: a blue powered locomotive, three new carriages (despite their beauty, I think that they’re a bit simpler than the ones of the 7939 model), a different kind of truck, smaller than the usual but with the ability of transporting all the goods, a big crane that this time gladly includes a small building, a forklift, several city accessories such as a wheelbarrow, a garbage can or even a small load car, thirty (!!) rail tracks of different types and finally four mini-figures , some of them with new suits.

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